Bridal & Events Open House

Bridal & Events Open House

We welcome you to join us!
Bridal Open House
Saturday, July 25, 2020
10:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m.

Camp Lakotah Friendship Lodge & Grounds
Come and explore our beautiful wedding & event venue!

  • Tour the grounds and learn about our lodging
    options for your bridal party, families and guests! 
  • Get a sneak peek at our BRAND NEW Honeymoon Suite
  • Visit our ceremony locations in person and dream of your big day!
  • Lay your eyes on our main hall and envision your reception!
  • Food tastings and samplings will also be available!

Both owners (Sandy & Cliff) and employees will be available to answer
all your questions or assist in your planning!
Please RSVP your attendance to Sandy no later than June 10th

Summer 2020 & Covid-19

Summer 2020 & Covid-19

Summer 2020 & Covid 19

We plan to open our doors for another amazing summer at Camp Lakotah on June 15th!

Unlike other camps that enroll hundreds of campers each week, Camp Lakotah has always limited enrollment!  By design, we wanted a more intimate program that nurtured more personal relationships and more individual attention to the children we serve.  We average 40 – 60 campers each week on a 125 acre parcel. We have been naturally social spacing since we opened our doors in 2009!

We whole-heartedly believe that children will be itching to get out of the house and back into routines! We also believe parents will be excited to see their kids having fun and gaining some independence! Positive interactions with peers and adult role models, trying new activities, and making new connections will help restore your child’s development and turn the page on feeling happy & confident once again!

Our youth have been faced with countless changes and disappointments from the cancellation of school and extra-curricular clubs, sports, family vacations and holidays to the seemingly endless days of not having much to do. Camp will be the perfect place for your child to regain independence and confidence and stop the loss of learning. Camp will help your child be better prepared for the routine of school and academics in the fall! We feel that the summer of 2020 will be the most important camp season in your children’s lives.

We will work diligently to follow the American Camp Association industry best practices, and guidelines from the CDC and our local Dept of Health, along with our own typically stringent cleanliness and safety measures. We have always taken seriously the cleanliness of our facility in assuring our guests safety and comfort and we know this is more important than ever.

Due to the uncertainty of the times, we are offering 50% off all deposits thru June 1st and waiving all change fees the entire summer! We will also allow any deposit to roll over to 2021 should your 2020 session need to be cancelled or changed making now a great time to enroll!

Reasons you can feel confident with your child at Camp Lakotah this summer:

  1.  By design since we opened and by design now with even more intentionality, we social distance with ease!  The focus of our program is out doors and in nature assuring your child gets all the fresh air, exercise and soul-lifting experiences without the potential risks!
  2. Our Camp facility has been closed for the season since November 16, 2019 assuring that our site has not been exposed to the virus thus far.  And we plan to keep it that way!
  3. The geographical community surrounding our Camp has only recorded 4 positive cases to date assuring a low risk of incidence within 20 miles.
  4. Camp Lakotah has always been focused on health and safety of our campers and guests.  But we are stepping it up a notch with more routine & thorough cleanings of common areas and an emphasis with all campers of the importance of hand-washing and covering a cough.  Staff will be trained and refreshers offered weekly on all necessary protocols.
  5. As an industry, as business owners, but most importantly as parents & grandparents ourselves, we take the well-being of every camper as our #1 priority.  Rest assured we will be diligently following ALL best recommended practices and guidelines as set forth by the CDC, Dept. of Health, and  ACA on top of our already stringent playbook regarding camper health and safety.  These measures may include frequent hand washing, temperature checking, less children in a confined sleeping area, less large group activities, revised meal service, and limiting number of campers in an activity area with thorough cleaning in between each activity period just to name a few.

Please feel free to call our remote office at 920-224-2735 if you have any questions!  Your confidence is our utmost importance!

Wautoma Area Community Swim Lesson Program

Wautoma Area Community Swim Lesson Program

Swim Lessons

Camp Lakotah is home to the Wautoma Area Community Swim Lesson program!  As part of our service to our local community, we host swim lessons for kids ages 3 – 14 in all levels of swim instruction from beginner thru proficient.  Our experienced instructors and certified lifeguards assure a quality program in a safe and encouraging environment.

Lessons run for 2 week sessions beginning in mid- June and meet every day, Monday – Friday, in the afternoons.  Each swimmer will be required to attend at least 80% of all classes in order to pass the level.  Children that enroll in both swim lessons and our camp programs will be sent to the beach at the appropriate times for their lesson and then can return back into the camp program after it concludes.  They also receive a discount on swim lessons to only $10!

Parents that are unsure of the appropriate level should enroll in the level they feel would be appropriate and each swimmer will be assessed on the first day of classes and reassigned if necessary.

For cancellation due to inclement weather, please text Camp Lakotah at 920-240-9260 after 12:30 p.m.

Registration can be entered by visiting our Online Registration page, or sending in the form below.




Afternoon Day Camp for ages 7 – 13

Afternoon Day Camp for ages 7 – 13

Afternoon Day Camp

Our Afternoon Day Camp offers your child ages 7 – 13 the opportunity to participate in their school’s academic Day Camp in the morning, then enjoy all the fun that Lakotah has to offer in the afternoon.  Bring your swimsuit and adventurous spirit and we will supply the fun!   One-way bus transportation is provided from Parkside Middle School to Camp Lakotah for those enrolled in both Camp Parkside and a Camp Lakotah sponsored program.  Parents pick up from Camp Lakotah at 5:00 p.m.

Minikamp for kids ages 4 – 6 years

Minikamp for kids ages 4 – 6 years


Minikamp offers a preview of what camp has to offer for kids ages 4 – 6 years.  Specifically designed and led by Early Childhood professionals for our youngest campers, we offer daily activities including arts & crafts, hiking, swimming, environmental exploration and group games.  This program is the perfect opportunity for your child to meet new friends, learn new skills, and discover the fun of Summer Camp!

Minikamp is offered as a half day program from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Fridays in June.

All Minikamp campers must be fully potty trained and able to change into swim gear independently.  Parents or adults are not required to stay on site.  A healthy snack is provided daily.

Registration is now available by visiting our Online Registration, or completing the attached form and mailing it to camp!

Take the Camp Lakotah Geocache Challenge

Take the Camp Lakotah Geocache Challenge

Geocache Challenge

Take the Lakotah Challenge!

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

Using your own GPS device you will partake on an exciting adventure through the lush forest of Camp Lakotah.  There are a few things you should always remember when GeoCaching:

  1. Always care for the environment – do not break off limbs, pick flowers or disturb wildlife.
  2. If you should find trash in the woods, please bring it out and dispose of it properly
  3. After finding your cache, please place it back in the container and rehide in the same location you found it

Visit and search for the Lakotah Challenge!  We are identified by cache GC1ZH2Q