Parent Handbook and Information

It is a great honor and privilege to journey into our 15th year of excellence and service to the thousands of families and campers who have come to know Camp Lakotah as their summer camp home. Your child’s physical and emotional safety and well-being is our greatest priority. We are proud to provide what we feel is one of the best summer camp programs available: one that encourages positive character development and personal growth and that helps children become secure, independent, well-adjusted young people.

This guidebook will help you get ready for camp. While the information contained here applies to campers as well as parents, we have addressed it to Parents because your leadership in camp preparation is vital to giving your child a successful experience. Please take time to read and study this information with your child and review it several times before arrival to make sure you and your camper understand and will be able to follow these guidelines.

Among the topics covered in this guide are camp policies and procedures, required medical forms, financial policies, deadlines, what to bring to camp, homesickness, and much more. Please call to speak with us personally if you have any questions about any topics covered.

Thank you again for entrusting your most precious earthly gifts to us for a short time during summer camp. We are excitedly anticipating the upcoming season, and we look forward to meeting each of you in person this summer!

Camp Tours/Promotional Open Houses

Being comfortable with our staff, facilities, and programs is very important to your camper’s experience. In an effort to provide families an opportunity to tour the facilities and meet some of the key year-round staff prior to the summer season, we are happy to arrange tours any time prior to the start of camp.

In-home Private Open House Promotional Events: If you love what we do and would like to host a private open house event in your home or business as a way to spread the word about Camp Lakotah, please give us a call. We would love to arrange a time to come help spread the word about Camp Lakotah.

Arrival/Check-In & Pick-Up Times

Afternoon Day Camp – One-way bus transportation is provided from Parkside Middle School in Wautoma to Camp Lakotah for those enrolled in both Camp Parkside and a Camp Lakotah sponsored afternoon program.  Drop-off is approximately Monday –Friday at 12:30pm.   Parents pick up directly from Camp Lakotah at 5:00 p.m.

Minikamp – Drop off is Monday – Friday at 12:30pm.  Pick-up is 5:00pm.

Day Camp – Drop off is Monday – Friday at 8:00 a.m.  Pick-up is 5:00pm

Overnight Camp – Drop off is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on the first day of the session and Pick Up is 4:00 p.m. on the final day of the session.  Refer to on-line registration and Welcome to Camp emails for details and reminders will be posted at drop-off.

Early departures are discouraged due to the interruption it causes to your child’s overall camp experience, but if it is necessary, please notify the office with a detailed time of pick­up so we can have your child ready at the Camp Office when you arrive.

Campers will not be released to anyone but their legal guardian without prior written consent from their guardian.  While we understand that this may be an inconvenience at times, it is done to protect your child. We are firm in our commitment to safety. We would rather error on the side of caution and appreciate your support with this. Please notify the Camp Director in writing if there is someone who should not be allowed to pick up your child. Campers cannot be released to anyone under the age of 18 years.

You may purchase items from our camp store during pick-up.  The store has various items including t-shirts, plush animals, flashlights, key chains, blankets and other fun logo items.

Camper Mail, Packages & Email

Mail call at camp is a much-anticipated daily event. Write your camper often but try not to mail letters after Wednesday of the week he/she is to leave camp. While we encourage campers to write frequently, you may only get one or two letters from your camper (it is not that they don’t miss you, they may just be too busy having fun).

Standards of Conduct

Camp is a place where children can be free to have a good time in an un-regimented atmosphere and enjoy many activities with others. We do not expect any discipline problems; however, if a camper’s behavior creates a situation which is detrimental to the other campers, the staff, or the camp program or property, the parents will be notified to pick that camper up immediately. No offensive language or behavior, no pranks, no bullying or intimidation of others, no smoking or tobacco use or vaping, no weapons, no cell phones or electronic devices, no alcohol, no drugs or inappropriate reading materials are allowed at Camp Lakotah. (Discuss this with your camper.)

Camp Lakotah respects the rights and dignity of all campers and staff, including individuals with varying abilities, cultures, genders, races, and religions. We expect all individuals to act respectfully when they are on our property and to respect the rights of others regardless of their differences. Camp Lakotah is inclusive to all and staff are trained to set the highest examples of behavior for campers.

Also, traditional attire is appropriate at camp. Please avoid unusual or non-traditional clothing, jewelry (such as belly-button rings & large earrings), makeup or hair styles.

Additional Fees

There are no laundry facilities available for camper use at Camp Lakotah. Be sure to pack enough clothes for the length of the session. Please discuss with your camper how to take care of and manage their clothes before arriving at camp. Laundry for campers who soil their clothes and/or bedding is provided on an emergency basis ($10 service charge).  Parent or guardian may be held responsible for any purposeful damage to Camp Lakotah property or personal property of another camper or staff.