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Join us at Camp Lakotah!

We are looking for individuals who are sincerely interested in working with youth ages 4 – 14 years over the summer in a beautiful resident camp setting in Wautoma, WI. You will gain personal confidence and skills that will enhance what you are learning in school and can transfer into any career field. Most importantly, you will positively impact the lives of hundreds of children all while having fun!

What Can You Expect at Camp Lakotah?

  • To have one of the most memorable summers of your life
  • To expend more energy than you have since you were a kid
  • To laugh and have a ton of fun
  • To put the needs of your campers ahead of your own
  • To push your personal limits
  • To positively impact the lives of hundreds of children under your care
  • To do some things in public you never dreamed of and not be embarrassed
  • To make friends you will never forget
  • To work hard and play hard at the proper times
  • To try new things and succeed at them
  • To learn from others especially the kids
  • To learn more about yourself than you thought possible
  • To gain a love and appreciation for the natural environment
  • To have a working experience that you wish would never end

In return, you will gain life skills that will allow you to continue to be successful in your career, family, and community because of the leadership training and experience gained through working at Camp Lakotah!

Employee Benefits

Benefits included with seasonal employment include:

  • Room* and Board for staff (*housing available for staff over the age of 18 years)
  • Competitive wages (based on position, age, education, skills, certification, and experience)
  • Staff training
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Sufficient time off
  • Relationships with an outstanding group of peers
  • Ability to work outdoors in a beautiful natural setting
  • A job that you will simply love

Hiring the very best staff is our first priority

We want staff members who are energetic, creative, responsible and nurturing. These qualities are hard to find and harder to measure! Our commitment to recruiting and retaining only quality candidates is our best investment to provide our campers with counselors who can best attend to their physical, emotional and social needs.

What things should you not expect?

  • To have a lot of privacy or time by yourself
  • To always receive praise and thanks for what you do even though you deserve it
  • To be on “vacation”
  • To eat a quiet, leisurely meal
  • To have a 9-5 job

Still sound like the perfect job for you?

Download our application and send it in! If we are interested in your skills and have an opening, we will contact you!

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