Leadership Training Program

LLT Program

The Lakotah Leadership Training Program is a year-round teen leadership training program designed to provide young men and women ages 14-17 (entering the 9th or 10th grade), with the skills and knowledge necessary to become well-qualified camp counselors and instructors. Just as important, it helps young people to develop the skills and motivation to serve as leaders and role models, at school, in their communities, and in their future endeavors.

Being a LLT is a lot of work. It is also a lot of fun. Responsibilities and privileges are carefully balanced to ensure both challenges and rewards. LLTs must fulfill requirements in each year of the program in order to be invited to return for the next program year.

The Leadership Training Program requires a commitment from each member. LLTs will be asked to exhibit increasingly mature and responsible behavior and to live by the rules set forth in the Camp Lakotah Code of Conduct.

Training includes skill development in camp activity areas, counseling workshops (covering topics such as interpersonal communication, team building, and child development and behavior management), supervised instructional experiences, and American Red Cross course work for certifications.

We believe strongly that this goal-oriented program helps young people establish the values and self-discipline necessary for success here and elsewhere.

It is the goal of the program to:

  • Instill a commitment to a life of service.
  • Develop the skills necessary to be an effective leader in our community such as respect, responsibility, communication, decision making, etc…
  • Provide training opportunities in CPR, First Aid and Lifeguarding.
  • Create a core of well trained, committed camp staff.
  • Instill the spirit of Camp Lakotah to be passed on to the next generation of camp leaders.

Program Information

Participants are under the supervision of trained adult staff members and volunteers. During their overnight stay participants will stay in an assigned cabin with a staff member who was carefully chosen for their ability to work with teenagers. The entire camp community supports the growth and development of the LLTs while at Camp.

Participants are evaluated throughout their time in the program. At least two written evaluations are given to each participant during their three-week stay at camp each summer, along with daily informal feedback sessions. Participants who are not meeting the requirements of the program are informed that they will not be able to continue in the program.

The Lakotah Leadership Training Program is implemented in four MANDATORY phases:

  1. Annual Fall Training Weekend
  2. Annual Spring Training Weekend
  3. Community Service Work
  4. 3 or 4 week on-site summer session.

The program has a set of standards, which must be followed.

The Lakotah Leadership Training Program is challenging. This program is unique in that it is highly rigorous both physically and in relation to the expectations for personal growth. We expect those that are accepted into the program to maintain high performance standards at all times.

The LLT Program is a three-year commitment. It is mandatory to participate in all the fall and spring training weekends, and complete their community service work. Attendance shows one’s commitment to the Program and Camp. In addition, it plays heavily on our decision to retain participants in the Program or consider them for staffing needs.

How To Apply

Each year at the end of summer the Camp Directors, staff, and current LLT’s evaluate all campers that will be age appropriate to join the program in Fall. Candidates are chosen on their attributes and experiences as a camper. All candidates will be sent an application and opportunity to apply for the program. Once all applications are received, Camp Directors and Staff will make the final selections for entry into the program.

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